Go Green to Secure Your Family’s Future

Go Green to Secure Your Family’s Future

Did you know that Singapore consumes 2500 plastic bags every 3 seconds? The amount of waste generated from plastic production and consumption is impacting the environment.

Climate change is already a reality for Singapore and has been impacting our sea levels and weather patterns. Even the Government is already taking action by elevating low-lying roads near coastal areas. With a projected 12 more years till we reach the critical point of climate catastrophe, it is important for us to take charge to ensure Earth remains habitable to our children and the generations to come. Every individual has a part to play. Here are 5 ways we can start taking action with SAFRA Go Green activities to help the environment today.

1. Educate ourselves on climate change and proper waste disposal

It is important for both the young and old to educate themselves on the impact of climate change and learn ways to help the environment.


Meet 15-year old Emma who never gives up on educating her grandma on the importance of cutting down on waste and recycling. 



Take inspiration from Emma. “Jio” the skeptics and young ones in your family to our REDUCE (DATE WITH GAIA) Afternoon Hi-Tea Seminar at SAFRA Tampines as part of our SAFRA Go Green event. Learn about the global and local issues surrounding climate change and how we can tackle them as an individual and a community. There will be a workshop after the seminar to teach participants how to create their own bag, eco-cleaner and toothpowder. Entry is complimentary, pre-registration is required.


2. Ditch plastics in every-day items


Reducing our plastic usage is essential if we want to preserve marine life. Did you know that plastic straws and bags are non-biodegradable and do not breakdown for over 400 years? Plastics not only poison our waters, but also kill off marine animals and decimate our seafood supply.


We should cut down on plastic usage in every-day items such as straws, cups and bags. Consider using a metal straw instead of a plastic one. Metal straws are portable, reusable and easily washable. Redeem an eco-friendly straw wheat cutlery set by simply being the first 100 members to attend the Go Green activities at participating SAFRA clubs.


Instead of asking for a plastic cup/bag or Styrofoam cup for your drinks, bring your own tumbler. Besides helping the environment, your drinks get kept warm or cold for longer. Redeem a free tumbler at SAFRA Tampines when you spend a minimum of $50 in the month of March. Or bring your own tumbler when you dine at Sarpino’s at SAFRA Tampines to enjoy a free cup of coffee.


One of the biggest culprits of marine pollution is plastic bags. Sea animals often mistake plastic bags as food sources and die from choking or intestinal problems when they ingest palstics. Use a reusable tote bag instead of plastic bags when you do your grocery shopping. Join us at our Design Your Tote Bag Workshop at SAFRA Punggol to personalise and design your own tote bag.


3. Make art with recycled materials


Old newspapers, plastic cups and bags and milk cartons are all great materials that can be upcycled to become part of an art project.


Create amazing puppets with recycled plastic bags at The Rubbish Prince Thematic Workshop, taking place at SAFRA Toa Payoh and SAFRA Punggol. Alternatively, upcycle cardboard and other recycled materials into fun toys for the kids at our Cardboard Toy Making workshop at SAFRA Toa Payoh. Adults can also choose from an array of upcycling workshops to create mosaic art, coin pouches and other exciting art projects.


4. Baby steps to minimum waste

In a hyper-consumerist society, we are told to buy and consume every day. As part of the process, many items get replaced or consumed unnecessarily. A moment of convenience for us may just lead to a lifetime of inconvenience for our future generations.

Instead of blindly consuming, we can adopt minimalism as a key tenet to life. Internet sensation Marie Kondo recommends that we should only keep things that we genuinely need, things that still bring us joy. The lesson behind her Kon-Mari method is - accumulating goods will not necessarily bring us happiness. By consuming only what we need, we can also help to save our environment.


If you find yourself with excess clothes and food, perhaps it would “spark” more joy to give them away to the needy. Donate your non-perishable food items to Food Bank Singapore booth at SAFRA Jurong to minimise waste in your home.




5. Learn about Nature and immerse yourself in it


Only by regularly exploring and finding out more about the nature around us can we learn more about natural heritage and develop a genuine appreciation for it. A desire for nature gives us the impetus to protect our flora and fauna for us and our children.


Singapore is blessed with lush green spaces at parks and nature reserves that every Singaporean can enjoy. To learn more about our environment, consider joining a nature group.



The Nature Society of Singapore organises activities such as guided nature walks, bird and butterfly watching, workshops and courses, and environmental and conservational projects. Taking place on almost every weekend of the year, it is a great way to fire up a passion for nature for both the young and old.

Get a chance to learn more from the Nature Society of Singapore at SAFRA Jurong’s Go Green Event. The Society will also be hosting picture matching games to help young ones learn about the birds of Singapore and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal.

Join us at SAFRA Go Green in celebration of Earth Day 2019!


This March, play your part to save the climate through workshops and activities at the SAFRA clubs. Bring the family and have lots of fun while learning ways to reuse, reduce and recycle in support of Earth Hour.

Click here for the full list of activities for SAFRA Go Green!





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