How to Empower Yourself By Doing Things You Suck At

How to Empower Yourself By Doing Things You Suck At

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Is life only about winning?

Not everyone is born a prodigy but you can indeed try to gain more knowledge and improve your skills to succeed. Besides, it's important not to lose your enthusiasm for learning as that would keep you getting closer and closer to your dreams and goals. Focusing on doing what we excel in can help us move forward in life but that doesn't mean you should completely avoid the other things you're not good at.

In fact, it may even help keep you grounded. When you participate in such activities or tasks, you would naturally lower expectations and the pressure you put on yourself. This allows room for you to relax and enjoy what you're doing. Life is not always about the destination, it's also about the journey.

So if you end up failing, don't be discouraged. Stand back up and dust yourself off. You will still benefit from the lessons learned along the way so be proud of the person you become afterwards.


1. Dream

Your dreams are as important as your goals. No matter how big or small they may seem, be proud of them. So first, get that big picture of success in your mind to help light up that first flame of desire to reach for it. Your vision then becomes your guide and motivator.


2. Adopt a positive mental attitude

Hope is power. It gives you strength and encourages you to keep doing what you want to achieve. However passion is one thing, being realistic is another. To feel more secured in accomplishing your goals, be sure to combine the two. You can dream big but if you don't have the necessary knowledge or skills, it would be all for naught. Or you can just choose to have a fun time.


3. Dare yourself

Sometimes life doesn't go your way no matter how hard you've worked. This can be truly frustrating especially when you may have tried it numerous times. Maybe you're just nervous or afraid. But that doesn't mean you should give up. Heard of the saying "Who dares, wins"?


4. Take a risk

You don't have to win at everything but you can choose to enjoy what you do. So when you see an opportunity that allows you to venture into something new, GRAB it.


5. Try

If you really want to pursue it, get over your fear and just go for it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's your life after all.

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