Inspirational NSmen: Photography

Inspirational NSmen: Photography

Every one of us has a hobby and an aspiration in life. Whether we take an interest in sports or discover our love for the arts, it is this passion in a particular type of activity that continues to inspire and motivate us as we shuffle along in our daily lives.

This week, we interviewed NSman Clement Chia about his interest in photography. Watch the video below to hear his captivating stories through the lens of a camera during his travels in Asia and Europe. Let him tell you why we should all make our dreams a reality and more importantly, how.


Remember to set aside some time out of your busy schedule to live a fuller life!

If you're into photography like Clement, check out our Photographic Club to meet fellow enthusiasts!

Feeling motivated and looking for a brand new camera? Read our review on the Canon 70D!

Wondering what else you can do during your book-out weekends? We have great suggestions here!

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