Mother's Day 101

Mother's Day 101

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

But, do you know how Mother’s Day came about?

Well, it all started in 1908 when an American woman, Anna Jarvis decided to hold a memorial for her departed mother in Grafton, West Virginia. She was so passionate that it kick-started her six year campaign to establish Mother’s Day as a national holiday. Eventually, Anna succeeded in 1914. Her invention soon spread internationally and over 90 nations observe the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

So if you are still procrastinating over how to pamper your Mummy dearest this coming Sunday, here are some tips for you to score some brownie points with her.

Alternative Gift Ideas
If you want to stand out from the pack, we say avoid heading down to the major departmental stores and getting a run of the mill card and gift. After all, this is the special lady that had to endure you inside her for nine months.

In our fast paced techno centric society, every modern Mum seems to have her nose buried in a smartphone or tablet. So, why not get her something sentimental out of her past? We are sure that a little nostalgia for one day can’t be all that bad. And besides, it will keep her away from Facebook stalking you for a while.

Flea Markets
Now if you want to come out tops in the gift department, your best bet will be troop down to the numerous flea markets that are taking place this weekend.

The Atas Option
Market of Artists And Designers (MAAD)
10 May, 5pm-12am
Red Dot Design Museum
28 Maxwell Road, Singapore
Launching their fashion edition, MAAD is a hip flea market that showcases budding local designers and their wares. You will be able to find kitschy fashion accessories, clothes and stationary which will put a smile on your Mum’s face. Did we mention that you will be entertained with live music and dining on awesome food along the way?

In addition, don’t forget to check out The Damn Good Shop located behind the market. Their store is filled with retro wares which hold a special place in any Mum’s heart.

The ‘Budget’ Option
China Square Central Flea Market
12 May, 11am-6pm
18 Cross Street, Singapore
Since Sungei Road has been blocked for the Downtown MRT line construction, many of the vendors from the Thieves Market have been forced to move to this new location. Always a treasure trove of hidden gems, you will need patience to sieve through this massive air conditioned flea market. But if you do, you will be rewarded with stuff such as old trinkets, records and knick knacks.

Alternative Dining Ideas
Food is an essential part of local culture and no celebration complete without it. Hence, we are sure that you are probably hatching some dining plans. Here is what we would do…

Dinner is soooo last season; brunch is now the new dinner. And besides, it is a Sunday. The day is made for brunching. Then comes the tricky part, is your Mum more traditional in her dining choices or is she more adventurous. As usual, we give you two suggestions to cover all your bases.

Traditional Foodie
Tim Ho Wan
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #01-29A Singapore
This Michelin star dim sum restaurant is all the rage now with killer waiting times. However, the hype is not unwarranted and short of flying to Hong Kong, this is DA place for yum cha staples such as glutinous rice dumpling, steamed egg cake and baked BBQ pork bun. You might be waiting for a while, but it is all worthwhile for Mum.

Adventurous Foodie
Café Melba
Goodman Arts Centre, Block N
90 Goodman Road #01-56, Singapore
Boasting a wide array of Australasian fare, this quaint little café located in the Goodman Arts Centre is the ideal haven for brunch. Their menu consists of brunch staple such as brioche french toast, eggs florentine and benedict, hearty breakfast platter and pancakes. Be sure to order their freshly brewed coffee to round off the meal!

And if none of the above suggestions are your Mum’s cup of tea, then what better way to worm your way into her heart by donning the kitchen apron and bringing her out on a picnic. There are numerous locales available. But, we think that the Singapore Botanical Gardens and Labrador Park are probably the top choices for a scenic intimate picnic.

To all Mothers out there, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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