Popping the Fitness Cherry!

Popping the Fitness Cherry!

Yesterday, we worked up quite the sweat with the two high intense workouts. The Insanity Workout and 7-Minute Workout proved to be effective in our quest for fitness.

However after feeling the post workout aches and pains, we realise that you do need a basic level of fitness in order to attempt high intensity workouts.

In order not to deter any fitness newcomers, we scoured YouTube and found some FREE fitness channels for fitness virgins to pop their cherry with. 



Photo courtesy of shape.com

A YouTube fitness channel that offers home-based workout videos. It features the very chiselled trainer Zuzana.

This high quality workout also features diet tips and inspirational fitness stories. It is a must watch for those hoping to shed the pounds. 



Photo courtesy of shape.com

Crowned the number one YouTube health and fitness channel, Diet.com has thousands of bite sized video that give easy digestible fitness tips. Covering a wide array of fitness topics, it is easy to drown in the sea of free workouts and healthy eating features! 

Jenny Ford Fitness 


Photo courtesy of shape.com

Bored of the run-of-mill fitness videos? Then, Jenny Ford Fitness is the answer to your fitness malaise! Featuring full-length fitness workout clips, trainer Jenny Ford serves up fun ways to fitness through Zumba and step aerobics.

The high production values of the instructional videos make them easy on anyone’s eyes that Jenny Ford almost resembles the iconic workout goddess Jane Fonda! 

Pop Pilates 


Photo courtesy of shape.com

If you are craving for a good stepping stone to fitness, you should look no further than Pop Pilates. Featuring the bubbly Cassey Ho, this Pilates guru provides free short standalone exercises that target specific body areas.

But, that’s not all! As your fitness level improves, you can also combine the individual exercises and form your own customised Pop Pilates workout!

We hope that these introductory fitness channels have whet your appetite for fitness. Through these videos, we hope that you will be able to build up stamina capable of enduring any half marathons.

So, try these workouts today and test your endurance at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2013!



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