Reel Life Video Games!

Reel Life Video Games!

With the flop of big blockbusters flicks this summer, Hollywood would be wise not to rehash old movie franchises. The shining examples of The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet prove that nostalgia is better off left untouched (unless you are talking about comic book superheroes). With major studio executives complaining of a brain drain, maybe it is time Hollywood turns its eye to the multi-billion video game industry for inspiration.

Today, the video game industry is bordering on the pinnacle of its existence. With healthy competition among the major players, we have seen video game budgets swell to unprecedented heights. This means more resources to hire quality writers and voice actors for video game productions. What you get is edgier storylines and meatier characters that are able to entice A-list celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Trejo and Michael Madsen to our small screens.

But, that’s not all. The technological advances during our times also mean that there are better production values in video games. The life-like visual graphics means that video games can now provide a cinematic experience within the comfort of your living room. This works in tandem with the interactive nature of video games to create an immersive experience which ensures a strong emotional connection.

So with such an extensive list to choose from, what game titles should Hollywood be looking at for a movie adaption? We bring you our picks of the lot!

God of War


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Director: Zack Snyder

With the gladiator fever sweeping both the big and small screens, we are confident that the Greek inspired mythological tale of God of War will fit right alongside Spartacus and 300. This award-winning PlayStation action-adventure game follows the vengeful Spartan warrior, Kratos who is set on a violent path of revenge.

Betrayed by the gods that he worshipped, Krato’s tale is the epitome of the typical Greek tragedy. After being tricked into slaying his wife and child, Kratos inflict his own brand of bloody justice on the God of War, Ares.


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We think that Zack Snyder of 300 fame is the perfect hand to helm this hit game which has sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. Snyder’s fast-paced gung ho directorial style should provide a spectacle worth of a standing ovation in any coliseum!




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Director: James Cameron

We are sure that you have heard of the multi-billion sci-fi game franchise, Halo. Affectionately referenced in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, this top notch first person shooter has firmly established itself as the standard for all console shooter games.

With 50 million copies sold so far, we think that James Cameron of Terminator and Avatar fame is perfectly placed to deliver a gun blazing rendition of this interstellar war between humans and the alien alliance known as the Covenant. Cameron’s solid sci-fi reputation should adequately flesh out the exploits of our main protagonist, Master Chief.


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Assassin Creed



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Director: Paul Greengrass

Ever felt that there is more to your life than your dull job? Well, that is precisely the scenario that bartender Desmond Miles find himself in. Captured by the mysterious Abstergo Industry, Miles is forced to relive his ancestors’ lives. By doing so, he finds out that he is actually a descendant of a line of assassins that is as old as civilisation.


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Miles journeys back to several different eras as he is plunged into the shoes of his assassin ancestors. We feel that this tale is tailor made for Bourne franchise director Paul Greengrass’s idea of an exhilarating espionage thriller. It will be interesting to see Greengrass’s take on this extensive tale which spans through the Third Crusade, Renaissance Italy and the American Civil War.


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Be prepared for action packed movie which is packed full of plot twists and bloody action involving some very recognisable historical figures.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)


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Director: Martin Scorsese

One of the most universally acclaimed gaming franchises, GTA is an open world action adventure video game series which is set in different American cities. It totally revolutionised gaming dynamism when GTA III was released. Today, most popular game titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Assassin Creed owe a big debt to the GTA franchise.

Following a rags to riches story plot, you play a small time crook trying to work your way up to the top of the criminal underworld. It is a formula in which veteran director Martin Scorsese is familiar with, going by works such Goodfellas, The Departed and Gangs of New York. You can be assured of an intriguing tale of drugs, women, guns and explosions.


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We are particularly keen to see Scorsese adapt the story of Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City to the big screen. Taking place in the neon soaked 80s’era, this Miami Vice and Scarface inspired tale promises a cast of colourful characters jam packed with pulsating shoot outs!

Metal Gear


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Director: Christopher Nolan

If you have ever played the Metal Gear game franchise, you will have no doubt that it is more of a cinematic experience than a gaming one. The award winning action-stealth game series is renowned for its in-depth story lines which features deep political and philosophical themes.

The game follows the adventures of Solid Snake, a stealth operative with an elite American ops team. Faced with daunting odds, Snake must singlehandedly foil the plans of renegade terrorist cells hell bent on world domination.


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As such, we feel that acclaimed film director Christopher Nolan will be the right man to do this layered tale justice. Under his guiding hands, he has delivered dark brooding thrillers such as Memento, Inception and the Batman trilogy. We expect to be sitting right on the edge of our seats as our perception of reality is challenged and notions of black and white aren’t always so clear cut.

Five Video Game Movies That’s Dead to Us
Despite the potential video games hold, we are reminded from time to time that Hollywood can still muck up a good game franchise. Hence, let us slip into nostalgia and note the video games movies that should have NEVER happened.

Street Fighter

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While the ‘Muscle from Brussels’ could do no wrong in our books, Jean-Claude Van Damme attempting an American accent is testing our patience. With lame one liners, campy costumes and over the top performances (particularly from Raul Julia as the villain, Bison), we would rather stick to the grainy graphics of Street Fight II than sit through this train wreck once more.

Super Mario Brothers

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Watching a beloved childhood memory torn apart can be a painful experience. And, it was particularly true in the case of Super Mario Brothers. John Leguizamo as Luigi was the only bright spark in this disaster of a movie. But, even he couldn’t save this film. No one could. Think happy childhood memories of Mario Gameboy action!

Mortal Combat

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What started out as a blood soaked matured fighting game gets trodden through the mud here. While Christopher Lambert’s monotone voice worked like a charm in the Highlander, it was a running joke as Lord Rayden in this flick. What’s more, Gorro the six armed fearsome monster looked like a muppet pumped on steroids. Come on, didn’t Jurassic Park show the world how celluloid monsters should be made?

Dead or Alive (DOA)

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This was a flick where the budget probably went to casting. Armed with a wafer thin story, the eye candy laden female cast had a mountain to climb to convince us that the movie could work. Unfortunately, they couldn’t. Let’s just say their digital female counterparts definitely had more in-depth expressions than the star studded cast could ever muster.


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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Frankly, he was a much better wrestler than actor in our books. ‘Nuff said.


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