Running Back the Years!

Running Back the Years!

Kenneth Ho

27 years old

Claims Executive 

SAFRA Running Club Member



Qn: Why do you like running? Tell us briefly how you got into the sport?

Kenneth: Actually, it started as a way to shed some weight. Before I joined SAFRA Running Club, my core sport was actually floor ball. So, I was running then to keep fit for competitive floor ball. With four to five training sessions per week, I needed to build up my stamina therefore I started running.

Before I joined SAFRA Running Club, my core sport was Floor ball. I was running then to keep fit for competitive Floor ball. Running helped me built stamina for my four to five training sessions per week. But after a while, I realised that Floor ball was a team sport rather than an individual one. Comparatively, though running also involves a team, it’s only during training and on the actual race it’s all about you!

Qn: What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to long distance running? Can you illustrate how you incorporate that into your SAFRA Singapore Bay Run (SSBR) training regime?

Kenneth: There are a few major factors when it comes to long distance running. Firstly, recovery is one important factor. You can train non-stop, but if you don’t recover well and maintain a healthy diet, it defeats the purpose of training. As such, I usually have a recovery day after my weekly speed training.

Secondly, you want to make sure that you are training to complete the run. This is an important point for marathons. Besides doing your weekly speed training, you will also need to do distance training on the weekends. This is where your body will be conditioned to long distances. So, this will help you achieve the main goal of finishing the race.



Qn: Being a marathon veteran, how do you keep yourself motivated when in training and during the marathon itself? Is there any special running tip that you wish to share with our readers?

Kenneth: I look up to my SAFRA Running Club peers a lot. My motivation comes from seeing how well they are doing and I usually try to match their efforts. There are a lot of good runners in the club who have done well in races and they inspire me.

In addition, there are many benefits from running regularly. Firstly, running keeps you healthy. Regardless of the difficulties in your run, you will have a clear mind at the end of it. Plus, you will feel fresh and energetic.

Qn: Do you have a favourite running route? Can you share with our readers on the reason why you picked that particular place?

Kenneth: I will have to say the Telok Blangah Hill running route. I wouldn’t call it my favourite, but it is the most memorable for me. I remembered it fondly as it was where I had my first SAFRA Running Club training session. It was also where I would say I ‘died’ from exhaustion for the first time. Not only is the route close by, it is very challenging even for the seasoned runners because of the steep slopes. It is a good training ground for any runners training for any type of race.

Qn: I understand that you are a member of the SAFRA Running Club, how long have you been with them? And why did you choose to join this particular running club?

Kenneth: Basically, it has been two years since I joined the club. Initially, I joined it because it is located near my place. After joining the club, I got to know the members better. Even though some of the older runners aren’t very fast, I admire their determination to finish every run no matter the difficulty.

We have people from different age groups, so it sort of feels like a big family. It is a pretty close knitted group in which we organise gathering during festive occasions such as the Mooncake Festival and the New Year.

Qn: How does being part of the club help you in your SSBR training?

Kenneth: Well if you are running alone, you don’t have a dedicated trainer who plans a specialised training programme. With expert preparation in place, you just have to turn up for weekly training sessions to get ready for SSBR.

In addition, it is much harder to motivate yourself when you are not part of a running group. By joining a club, you will have a reason to be motivated for your evening training. In the army, you can fall back on your buddies when the tough get going. It is the same here. We are all close friends. When the training gets real tough, there will always be people around you encouraging you on.

Qn: As representatives of the SAFRA Running Club, can you tell me what does SSBR mean to you? Do you feel proud of SAFRA’s efforts to foster a local running culture?

Kenneth: As we are part of the SAFRA Running Club, SSBR is sort of like our own race. So, we usually get to meet up with a lot of our old friends who are taking place. The whole club gets together to participate, and it is satisfying to see your peers completing the run at the end of the day. It is an achievement on both a club and individual level.

We are very thankful to SAFRA for organising SSBR as we usually get a lot of new runners joining our club. They are at a loss on how to prepare for the event and need some guidance. Hence, our family gets bigger and it helps to foster a running spirit in Singapore and in the SAFRA community.

Qn: So, why should people sign up for SSBR in your opinion? How does it stand out from the other marathons that are taking place?

Kenneth: I take it holds a special place in most males as they will have taken place in it during their National Service (NS) days. SSBR is a good reminder that brings us back to our younger days.

As for the ladies, I understand that there will be a trail of NS posters along the race route. I think that this is a good

thing as they will get to learn more about NS through SSBR.

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