Singapore's Best Dancing Flash Mobs Ever

Singapore's Best Dancing Flash Mobs Ever

Flash mobs first began as a social experiment some time in 2003 at a Macy’s department store in Manhattan, New York, USA. The initial idea behind it was to actually poke fun at the New Yorkers for the need to be part of a scene even without knowing the purpose for it. But the concept has varied since when different groups of people from outside of New York tried their own flash mobs. . Now, it has become a tool to create awareness in society today. There is even a TV show called Mobbed that features the use of flash mobs.

The popular reality tv show Mobbed on Fox
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One of the most popular types of flash mobs is the dance. A large number of people would learn the choreography beforehand and then show up at a chosen location while in the midst of a busy crowd before performing it. As the stunt ends, they would disappear into the crowd again as if nothing happened. The beauty of such events is that it brings together friends and complete strangers to create something special.

It has become a worldwide phenomenon and Singapore too has her fair share in it. Check out five of the best flash mob dances right here in our sunny little island.

1. Changi Airport “Be A Millionaire"

Used as a way to market their latest huge shopping promotion, this flash mob of 700 participants successfully spread the word on the “Be a Changi Millionaire” contest on 22 May 2010. From seasoned and rookie dancers to airport and airline staff, they brought a smile on the crowd’s faces with their performance. It started out with one of them pretending to have won the grand prize money and then breaking into a celebratory dance where she was soon joined by more and more people. To ensure coverage especially through social media, online bloggers were invited to Changi Airport Terminal 3 where the event was held. Having scored at least 2.3 million views on YouTube, we say “mission accomplished”.

2. Wedding Engagement  

Much like the Mobbed TV show, this one celebrates a significant life event between two parties. Taking a huge step further in proposing to his girlfriend, Aaron got the help of their friends and family, a production company called The Changing Point Productions and the Singapore Flyer to surprise her. This touching video reached almost 120,000 views on YouTube and was claimed to be Singapore’s first ever flash mob wedding proposal.

3. The Singapore Directioners

Now, before you sneer, this video reached over 155,000 views in an attempt to gain attention from the teen pop music golden boys themselves. It was inspired by the Australian One Direction fans who were rewarded with a concert date during the group’s tour after uploading a flash mob video of them dancing to their songs. The girls also got the support of Singapore’s Radio 91.3FM, Nando’s and Sony Music. Despite having difficulty in meeting up to practise the dance steps, they managed to find a way by posting a how-to video on their Facebook page so that they could learn on their own time.

4. Singapore HTC Publicity

This one is another publicity stunt and it is done by HTC to promote their new phone. The event was held at Raffles Place which delighted the office workers there and the video garnered over 550,000 views. The medley of popular dance songs like That Thing You Do and Grease Lightnin’ would surely make you want to get off your chair and join in as well. What a great way to start off a work morning!

5. The Michael Jackson tribute  

Stockholm, Sweden

Cebu, Philippines


When the King of Pop passed away in 2009, the whole world mourned. Michael Jackson was largely known for his music and dance and what better way to pay tribute than with what the pop star does best. People from different parts of the world created some of the best flash mobs out there featuring Michael's greatest hits like Beat It. The first dance tribute was done by BouncE Streetdance Company and fellow Michael fans in Stockholm, Sweden. It surpassed 12.7 million views on YouTube and has inspired other such videos from the Philippines and more including Singapore. The effect of a flash mob is truly remarkable.

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