LUNA SEA Resurrects!

LUNA SEA Resurrects!

Pure lunacy spread as alarm bells pierced the air to announce the arrival of legendary J-rock royalty, LUNA SEA. Their hit song, I for You extended their popularity beyond Japanese shores when featured in the hit 1998 Japanese drama, God, Please give me more time!. The recently reunited band sans vocalist, Ryuichi was in attendance at their pre-concert press conference. LUNA SEA wasted no time in declaring their intention to make the closing leg of The End of the Dream tour the best night ever.

Left to right: Inoran, J, Shinya and Sugizo

The band is also relishing the opportunity to establish a relationship with their local fans, or affectionately known as ‘slaves’ in their maiden concert here. Bassist, J was impressed by the lush local greenery while drummer, Shinya candidly professed that he had fallen in love with the local icon, the Merlion.

The band unanimously shared their curiosity for the local culture. Members from the local press also urged them to try local culinary specialties like Singapore Chilli Crab. However, LUNA SEA can expect a more regional flavour when it comes to their concert crowd. ‘slaves’ are trooping down from many neighbouring countries.

For Malaysian ‘slaves’, Katrina and Arfah, the decision to brave the four hours bus ride to catch their idols in the flesh was a simple one. The friends of 15 years raved on about how they felt LUNA SEA’s sound had “matured technically” through the years. 

Overseas ‘slaves’ Left to right: Katrina, Unknown, Riko, Mae and Arfah

Another ‘slave’, Mae Ngo came all the way from the Philippines for a preview of the upcoming album. The 26 year-old hopes that the new songs will be a combination of their early metal rhythm with their latest ballad-orientated style.

Meanwhile, Malaysian ‘slave’ Riko expects a different yet distinct sound that will continue the allure of LUNA SEA’s “mysterious” brand of music. The 31 year-old was cosplaying her “gothic aristocrat” themed outfit that she painstakingly sewed. She considers it an expression of herself as well as homage to LUNA SEA’s visual-kei roots. With so many ‘slaves’ heeding their masters’ call, LUNA SEA will definitely be celebrating their resurrection tour with an army!


*LUNA SEA will be playing at The Star Performing Arts Centre on Friday, 8 February 2013 at 7.30pm.
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