The Gold & White Gem!

The Gold & White Gem!

International hip-hop superstar Ludacris recently launched the gleaming Gold and White Version of the popular SL100 headphone and is now available in Singapore.

The headphone is a new addition to the “SOUL by Ludacris” family, giving a different look to the original SL100 Red/Blue designs. The high-end street fashion headphone is an upcoming contender to existing lines of headphones for mobile and audio users.


The SL100GW gives off a pure, elegant look with its snowy white gloss on both the outside and inside, with shimmering gold outlines along the headset. Not forgetting the nicely finished “Soul” logo brandishing the outside of each earpiece. Inside the headband is a rather large padding that provides cushion for the ears and head. No doubt the ear pads provide a fairly good seal, but because the cans are pretty huge, it felt a little uncomfortable and clumsy. It took me some time to get the right adjustment to fit my small ears.

Likewise with the other Soul headphones, the SL100GW comes with a elegant soft-sided pouch where you can store your sleek foldable headphones. The significant “S” wordings can also be found on the bag and its zipper. The detachable tangle-resistant 48 inch flat profile cable with iPhone/iPod/iPad three-button remote allows you to keep it neatly inside the pouch without entangling it, but can be seen as some sort of annoyance to plug the cables in and out every time you use it.

Sound Quality

This celebrity headphone, in my opinion is a good sounding headphone with superb bass that comes with a unique design. It provides high-precision audio balance, the bass is extended and pretty tight, giving it a boost in high tempo songs. The treble is fairly articulate and natural sounding, but further tuning resulted in excessive bass, hurting the ears after a while.

Once the music plays, you probably won’t be able to hear your surroundings for the noise-cancelling function conceals the area around you, allowing you to indulge in pure music goodness. Even train announcements could not be heard with a mere 50 percent blast on the ears, so just make sure you alight at your designated stop. 


I found The Soul by Ludacris SL100GW is a good looking and attractive headphone but it has a tendency to be a little uncomfortable to wear. In addition, it might not be the ideal headphone for all music genres in your player. Having said that, the SL100GW offers powerful audio performance such as the superior sound quality and booming bass features, as well as the rare detachable cable, a feature that helps extend the life of the headphones.

The SL100GW is available at SOUL by Ludacris authorized retailers and is priced at S$349.

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