STGCC Celebrates SG50 with Custom Munnies

STGCC Celebrates SG50 with Custom Munnies

Cosplay fun at Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention
Cosplay fun at the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention!
Photo courtesy of Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015

The Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) is back! Don’t miss your chance to meet talented artists from Singapore and around the world on 12th and 13th Sep 2015 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

To celebrate SG50, STGCC has collaborated with 6 local artists to create exclusive SG50 Munnies (customisable toy figures by Kidrobot). These limited-edition customs will be available for bidding at a silent auction and all proceeds will go to Club Rainbow, a child welfare organisation.

To find out more about the SG50 Munnies, we spoke with two of the artists involved in the collaboration, Keh Choon Wee and Ong Ean Keat.

Keh Choon Wee and his Munny concept, MajuLAH
Keh Choon Wee and his Munny concept, MajuLAH
Photos courtesy of Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015

Keh Choon Wee
Has over 13 years worth of experience in directing, creating conceptual designs, animation, devising VFX for games and more. Worked 6 years at Lucasarts Singapore and joined Beach House Pictures as the Creative Lead of BHP's animation and digital department. He is now a lecturer at DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.
Munny Concept: “MajuLAH is the new hero of Singapore who fights for justice and equality. He hopes to inspire all and embraces the future with zest.”

How did you come up with your Munny concept?
“I was thinking for a while, what do I think when it comes to SG50? I think about food, the usual lah, the durian... But then to put it inside this Munny, this character is quite challenging. So I started to look around and I look at the Singapore flag which has the red and the white, the crescent moon and stars. I was just thinking, can I design something just based on these elements alone? From there, I started playing around with the placement. And also, with it being STGCC event where we celebrate superheroes and stuff, I try to incorporate a little bit of that.”

What are the inspirations behind the design?
“I’m actually still in the midst of designing some of the props like, maybe a cape or a scarf or a fan. At one point, I was thinking of making a fan because Singapore is so hot. I’m still testing some of the materials, hopefully it will stick.”

What are your aspirations for Singapore?
“Better, safer and in terms of the arts scene, hopefully it will be lot more vibrant. Hopefully people would be more appreciative of the arts and if they really like this art medium, animation, games, illustration, even dance or what not, I hope people can make a living, a decent living, out of this. And to have the local community really supportive.”

Any encouragement for those who wish to pursue a job in the industry?
“Just do what you love to do. Especially in arts, if you love what you do and you put in a lot of effort, it will show.”

Choon Wee’s 3rd sketchbook from STGCC 2014
Choon Wee’s 3rd sketchbook from STGCC 2014

What are you up to next?
“Hopefully I can come up with some short stories and maybe they'll be in the form of comics in the near future. The characters that I’m working on [are] more like fantasy-based, medieval kind of stuff, which is the kind of genre that I’m pretty interested in. Hopefully I get to work on some other comics and collaborate with some writers maybe in the future.”

Ong Ean Keat and his Munny concept, SG50 Saman Rider
Ong Ean Keat and his Munny concept, SG50 Saman Rider
Photos courtesy of Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2015

Ong Ean Keat
An animator who loves drawing comics and sculptures, has a staple diet of cartoons, superheroes, manga and arcade games since young and is quite a geek.
Munny Concept: “When SG50 Saman Rider is on duty, no law breaker will get away! There's no 'saman' too minor for the Saman Rider - even for offences like jay walking in Orchard road. SG50 Saman Rider will be there to uphold the law of Singapore and give out the 'samans' to these jay walkers. Be good, residents of Singapore as SG50 Saman Rider will be watching over you!”

How did your character idea come about?
The idea is inspired by Kaman Rider, a show I watched and thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. I added a twist, a bit of a word play to it for SG50. This twist is inspired by my friends' experiences (not me) with the police in our beautiful and fine city.

What are the inspirations behind the character?
“When I see how people panic when they see the Saman police! It is very funny.”

How did the concept come to life?
“I use a variety of materials like spraying colours onto the Munny with spray cans, old chopsticks for its antennas, ribbons for the scarf, foam for the body padding and reflective stickers for the eyes.”

What are your aspirations for Singapore?
“I hope Singapore will be famous for its world class art and film industry which means more work for everyone!”

What do you hope to see in the local arts industry’s future?
“I hope to see Singapore artists embracing more foreign competition so we can improve our craft and achieve world class standards. Basically, our artists need to bring Singapore's kiasu-ism to a world-class level!”

Catch Choon Wee and Ean Keat at STGCC 2015, witness the unveiling of the SG50 Munnies and more!

Be part of the pop culture extravaganza and come dressed up in your favourite character! Need help? Check out our tips in ‘Time to Get Your Cosplay On’!

Head over to the STGCC website for more event details!


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