The men don't get it? That's so 2016.

The men don't get it? That's so 2016.

Revolutionary gender-less group workout for that sexy, killer-fit look

The landscape of group exercise is now changing. No longer is it just for ladies, men are diving head on into it as well. If you need some inspiration to get you out of the funk with your gym exercises, come on down and join the fitness training courses at SAFRA that will surely get your adrenaline pumping and abs aching. Ranging from core-focused workout groups to high-intensive, heart-racing kicking and punching, these group fitness classes will help you get that dream body.

One of the greatest obstacles in exercising is the lack of motivation. Successful team exercises rely on the concept of group effect, where individuals are more likely to continue their exercise regime due to strong social bonds. When beginners overcome their initial discomfort in exercising, they bond with others who have the same experience and interest, hence are more likely to continue.

Teaming up with Les Mills International, the world’s largest fitness choreographed music-to-exercise company, BodyBalance and BodyCombat are gender neutral, non-contact workouts that allow participants to gain the full benefits while maintaining a safe environment. Moves and music are also constantly updated to keep energy levels up!

According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, the numbers of members actively participating in sports courses held by local community clubs has increased steadily from 12,604 in 2009 to 15,674 in 2015. Most of which are from Keep Fit and Martial Arts group related courses, a trend in which Les Mills and SAFRA has been riding on.




Focusing on the core abdominal and back muscles, body balance allows individuals to build key functional strength, balance and flexibility, thus helping you keep calm during day-to-day stresses and preventing injury. By combining Taichi, Yoga and Pilates with modern pop music, the sessions are refreshing and exciting. Different options are available for participants of all levels, allowing them to build their way to killer abs at their own pace.

Allaster Ng, a frequent member of Les Mills BodyBalance, has been participating in the classes and training weights for over 5 years.

“BodyBalance is a great complement to my weights training. My muscles tend to feel really tight after a good workout at the gym. For people who are lazy to stretch on their own like me, BodyBalance gives me the motivation to have a great full body stretch, and helps me to loosen the tension and recover faster (from muscle fatigue).”


SAFRA Toa Payoh


Every Sunday

Start date:

Sun, 7 Aug 2016


10.30am - 11.30am

Fees (4 sessions):

$60 (SAFRA Member) *Save $12
$72 (Guest) 

Register now till 31 March 2017 to enjoy 30% discount





If you like tough, agile and intense workouts, then BodyCombat is just right for you. A total body workout that exercises the chest, shoulders and arms through intense punches, it also works out the legs and lower body with powerful kicks and lunges. Each workout gives you a ridiculous cardio burn like you have never felt before. Great for letting out the daily stresses of life! Participants can expect high quality instructions from experienced trainers that will allow them to kick and punch to be fitter, stronger and better.

Muhd Zulfadly, a frequent participant of Les Mills, loves BodyCombat.

“The instructors are so motivational. They give specific instructions on technique, such as the placement of the foot for kicks to prevent knee injuries or the strong core rotation to power the punches and enhance our moves. They are so encouraging that we just wanna do our best every time. And the music is fantastic! Uplifting and energizing! When my shoulders, chest and legs start to ache like crazy an hour after class, I know I have done a fantastic job.”


SAFRA Toa Payoh, Dance Studio, Level 2


Every Monday


8.40pm - 9.40pm

Fees (4 sessions):

Enjoy the promotional price when you sign up from now till 31 March 2017.

$42 (SAFRA Member) *Save $8
$50 (Guest)


Doing Social Good

Besides focusing on individual physical fitness, Les Mills hopes to incorporate social energy into all their workouts. A form of energy generated by interaction with others; working out together prolongs activity and creates positive crowd experiences that are worth celebrating, ensuring an uplifting synergy throughout the sessions. This is the key concept behind Les Mills BodyBalance and BodyCombat classes, hosted and conducted by Flow Fitness, Singapore.


Not only does Flow Fitness incorporate social well-being and team physiology into their workout groups, the wellness company also emphasises on the need to give back to society and promote social good for all. One of which is to eliminate discrimination and hire from lower income, disadvantaged or handicapped demographics.

Alvin Lim, the principal instructor and Advance BodyBalance Instructor says:

“Flow Fitness is a social enterprise that empowers underprivileged individuals to be group instructors in the fitness industry. We are glad that SAFRA supports this worthy cause and gives these individuals a chance to (be contributing members of) society. Currently, our instructors for the SAFRA classes are all trained by highly qualified mentors who are also teaching at other major commercial gyms in the industry, so as to maintain a definitive high quality programme.”

Gone is the concept of group exercise being just for ladies in tight leotards and a step-board. In comes the new era where anyone and everyone are encouraged to join in. New classes and trials are now available at SAFRA Toa Payoh. 

Registrations will be closed 1 week before the class or trial commencement. Please register early to avoid disappointment as limited spaces are available.


For more information, please contact Mohamed Fauzi at


*Statistics publicly available from Department of Statistic Singapore.

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