Art Gallery

Explore & Create - 4 Mar - 29 Apr 2022
Children's Art Exhibition
This exhibition showcases artworks by Canvas Ark students ages 7-12 years old and art samples by our art instructors highlighting the variety of art workshops and fun possibilities!  We invited our students to step out of their comfort zone to study the works of renowned artist Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Morning. They pushed their artistic boundaries and we are rewarded with a series of paintings inspired by the artist.

It's What You Make of It - 18 Jan - 28 Feb 2022
Children's Art Exhibition

This exhibition featured selected works created by children, aged 4 to 12 years, during art lessons at Canvas Ark as well as in the comfort of their own homes. Each piece of work in this exhibition has been thoughtfully chosen by its creator, titled according to what the work means to him/her. It’s What You Make Of It walks us through each child’s personal experience, including the interpersonal connections made during the art-making process.


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