Family Day at the Zoo with SAFRA

Family Day at the Zoo with SAFRA

Last Sunday, SAFRA organised a special family day outing to the Singapore Zoo where there were fun activities for both parents and children to enjoy, on top of the usual attractions of the venue. It began at 9am, starting with its fringe activities. The entire event lasted till one in the afternoon. Due to the rain, guests mostly huddled beneath the sheltered Pavilion By The Lake which is a short walk in from the main park entrance.

Goodie bags were given out during this time which also provided guests a poncho, SAFRA cap, Salonpas pain relief patches and snacks like soy milk packet and raisin muffins among other things. Other delicious treats like popcorn and cotton candy were available as well. There were many kids lined up at the face painting corner and families taking turns with the instant photography booth.

While all this side action is going on, magic shows and stage games became centre of attention much to the delight of the visitors especially the children. Despite the cold weather, it was indeed a perfect start to the school holidays this March.

Check out our highlights video below!

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