Top 5 Tips for IPPT Training: Push-Ups

Top 5 Tips for IPPT Training: Push-Ups

Whether you are training for the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) or are being ‘tekan’ by the sergeant, push-ups are an integral part of military physical fitness. It is universally used as a test of your upper body strengths and a mainstay in most physical fitness programs. In order to ace this station and get that Gold IPPT Badge, it is recommended to start training at least two months ahead.

Check out how to do proper push-ups and get some pointers on improving your form for this. For the non-novice, we have included tips on how to keep pushing yourself and other variations that could further enhance your push-up experience. Do remember to stretch before and after push-ups!


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Photo used in overview is sourced from © Arne9001 | - Man Exercising In Gym - Push Ups Photo

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