VECONAC is a Confederation of Veterans in South East Asia established on 19 December 1980 in Jakarta based on the Manifesto of Veterans Confederation of

ASEAN Countries. The document was signed by the Heads of Delegations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

During the fourth Congress of LVRI on 19 December 1978, the representatives from ASEAN organizations of veterans, agreed to establish a federation among veterans organizations in ASEAN Countries. The aims of the organization are:

  • To promote cooperation among veterans organizations in ASEAN Countries to further increase the prosperity of its members in the field of socio economy as well as status.
  • To enhance solidarity among ASEAN organizations of veterans.

The inaugural ceremony of VECONAC was attended by the Heads of Delegates from the five countries. In 1985, Brunei joined VECONAC and subsequently Vietnam in 1997. This was followed on 15 February 2008 when the SAF Veterans League replaced its founding organisation, the Ex-Services Association of Singapore. Cambodia and Laos joined VECONAC on 2010 and 2012 respectively.