SAFRA Toa Payoh

Sparkanuats adopts a holistic approach towards early childhood development with the goal of helping children enjoy learning and develop the joy for reading. And because the brain grows explosively in the first 6 years of life, we want to help children achieve their fullest potential.

With play being a child’s natural way of exploring the world, our curriculum is designed to be extremely fun, engaging and purposeful for our little ones. This sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of discovering and learning for children.

Sparkanauts is blessed with a dedicated group of instructors who are driven by their love and passion to work with children. We continue to drive our instructors towards greater professionalism through regular trainings and reviews. Building upon our collegial culture, our instructors are encouraged to share and learn from each other as well as from our parents, and even our little ones. At Sparkanauts, we recognise that we are only as good as our people.

With a holistic approach towards early childhood development, our curriculum comprises of a series of physical and intellectual activities specially designed to help our little ones (5 months to 5 years old) enjoy the process of discovery and learning. You can be assured that there is never a dull moment in our classes as they learn to play, play to learn.