SAFRA Punggol Weekend Fun (StayHome Edition)

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Join us in the SAFRA Punggol Weekend Fun (StayHome Edition) for a day of online fun holiday activities for families, with a range of curated activities focused on Fitness, Arts and Culinary! SAFRA Punggol Weekend Fun (StayHome Edition) will be broadcasted live from SAFRA Punggol Facebook Page on Sun, 24 May from 10am to 4pm.

Take part in our 'Families for Life - Spot the Baby Sea Otter Toy Contest', 'Best Superhero Workout Pose Contest', and Guess the Rhyme! Contest to win $20 SAFRA Rewards Vouchers and Splash@Kidz Amaze tickets respectively.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to build bonds and have fun with your family in the comfort of your home! 

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 Online Activity


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Super Hero Workout by EnergyOne Gym

What does it take to be a super hero? Let's power up and kick off your training with your kids to be the very best heroes, with our Super Hero Workout! Take a famly photo in the best super hero pose and stand to win Splash@Kidz Amaze tickets! Click here to find out more.


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YouTube for You by SAFRA Digital Media Club

Ever wondered how Youtube videos are made? Would you like to showcase something in your life to everyone? Learn just how simple it can be to make your very own Youtube video with our SAFRA Digital Media Club!


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Storytelling with Sheila Wee

See stories come to life with the godmother of Singapore storytelling, her interactive stories will let you learn about cooperation and kindness!


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Make your own Bento by Joanne Chia

Learn how to make a cute bento featuring the SAFRA Punggol Sea Otter Mascot with your family! 

*image is for illustration purposes only*

Ingredients to prepare in advance:
1. Calrose/Japanese Rice
2. Sushi Vinegar
3. Japanese Mayo
4. Vegetables (Japanese Cucumber/Carrots/Broccoli)
5. Egg
6. Tomato Ketchup
7. Furikake  (Rice Topping)
8. Seaweed
9. Ham
10. Soy Sauce

Tools to prepare in advance:
1. Cling Wrap
2. Rectangular box/lunchbox
3. Satay stick/toothpick
4. Small Knife (to cut the vegetables)
5. Scissor (to cut the seaweed)
*if you have seaweed cutters/cookie cutters, you can use them as well.


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Batik Kampung Arts Workshop with Hans Art Gallere

In celebration of Hari Raya Puasa, learn a traditional form of  Batik art with your family to decorate and brighten up your home.

Be the first 45 members to pre-register and receive the Batik Kampung Workshop Kit at your mailing address ! The kit would be used during the online activity on Sun, 24 May at 1.30pm. Each member may order up to 3 kits. *Update as of 19 May, 8.40pm - all kits are fully pre-registered*

If you did not manage to be the first 45 members to receive the kit, you can participate in the workshop with guidance from Hans Art Gallere by preparing these materials in advance.

Materials to prepare in advance:
1. Oil Pastel
2. Water colour
3. Drawing paper
4. Paint Brush
5. Water Container


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Arts@SAFRA - Nature Art Workshop by Didier Ng

Be one with nature and learn to make some craft models! Every little thing counts towards a final installation where all the craft works will come together to form one unified art piece!

Materials to prepare in advance:
1. Toilet Paper Core
2. Magazines/Recycled Paper
3. Newspaper

Tools to prepare in advance:
1. Scissors
2. Tape
3. White Glue
4. Markers


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Guess the Rhyme! Contest with NurtureStars Preschool

Challenge yourself to guess a variety of nursery rhymes presented by NurtureStars Preschool to win Splash@Kidz Amaze tickets. Click here for more info.
 4.00pm  End of Event

 *Event schedule is subject to changes

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