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Registration for SAFRA ExploreSG Virtual Challenge has been extended to 26 April 2021


From 4 March to 30 April 2021, join us in the SAFRA ExploreSG Virtual Challenge to keep fit and bond with your loved ones and friends as you explore Singapore to learn more about Total Defence.

With every 6km that you walk, run or cycle, you can complete one ‘Total Defence Pillar’. And if you are feeling up to the task, challenge yourself to traverse up to a total of 36km around the island to complete all six Total Defence Pillars.

To make your exploratory journey even more interesting, six recommended routes have been planned by the SAFRA Running Club, which will take you along iconic landmarks and sites which highlight the different aspects of Total Defence. These are located within the vicinity of each SAFRA club. Participants are strongly encouraged to explore these routes, but they may also venture along other parts of Singapore.

Participants will also be contributing to a good cause as $1 will be donated to the Community Chest when they register for each Total Defence Pillar.

Registration is open from 4 March to 26 April 2021. Sign up now and have fun exploring our beautiful island.

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6 Distinct Routes. 6 Kilometers Each

SAFRA Jurong | Economic Defence

Route: SAFRA Jurong > Jurong Industrial Estate > SAFRA Jurong 

Not many would know that Jurong used to be a swamp just a few decades ago. It is now Singapore’s manufacturing and IT hub, and one of the most significant industrial towns in Asia. This route reminds us of the imperative to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of our economy. While our country is small and lacks natural resources, the transformation of Jurong is an example of how Singapore’s economy has developed over the years to our current success today. With an ever-evolving global landscape, we will need to constantly upgrade our skills and adopt sustainable practices to realise our ‘30 by 30’ food security goal. This is how we can further strengthen our Economic Defence and ensure our continued resilience in the economic front.

Everyone has a part to play to put Economic Defence in action! Let’s build a strong and resilient economy to weather crises, with people who have the will to contribute through employment, upskilling or by staying productive! 

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SAFRA Jurong - Economic Defence (1000px)

SAFRA Mount Faber | Psychological Defence

Route: SAFRA Mount Faber > Telok Blangah Hill > Mount Faber Park > SAFRA Mount Faber

This route will bring you to Telok Blangah Hill, located along the same ridge where the Battle of Pasir Panjang took place in 1942. The Malay Regiment stood their ground and fought bravely in an attempt to repel the invading forces. The grit and resilience displayed is an inspiring reminder for Singaporeans to stay resilient and united against all challenges. Singapore’s ability to overcome challenges depends on the collective will and psychological resilience of our people to defend our way of life. Psychological Defence is the fighting spirit and grit to press on despite challenges; it is how we can draw confidence from our history and past successes to overcome crises together. 

Everyone has a part to play to put Psychological Defence in action! Let’s build a united and resilient Singapore, with people who have the resolve to defend our way of life, and overcome challenges together! 

(Mt Faber) Explore SG Map-01

SAFRA Mount Faber - Psychological Defence  (1000px)

SAFRA Punggol | Military Defence

Route: SAFRA Punggol > Punggol Beach > SAFRA Punggol

Singapore has come a long way before enjoying the security and stability we are now so familiar with. However, this should not be taken for granted, as our journey has not always been easy. This route will bring you to Punggol Beach, one of the locations where Operation Sook Ching took place back in 1942 during the Japanese Occupation. The occupation reminds us that we must be able to defend Singapore ourselves, and we must be responsible for securing our way of life. National Service (NS) has been the cornerstone of Singapore’s defence and security since independence. Our national servicemen continue to keep Singapore safe and secure. As a community, and as Singaporeans, let us show our support for NS and NSmen! 

Everyone has a part to play to put Military Defence in action, to build a strong and credible defence that has the support of, and commitment from the entire nation. 

(Punggol) Explore SG Map-01
SAFRA Punggol - Military Defence  (1000px)

SAFRA Tampines | Civil Defence

Route: SAFRA Tampines > Tampines Fire Station > SAFRA Tampines 

This route passes by the Tampines Fire Station, one of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)’s headquarters. Our SCDF men and women stay operationally ready at all times to respond to life-threatening emergencies around the clock. However, more often than not, individuals are usually best-placed to take action in the critical first few minutes during disasters or emergencies. We can strengthen our collective response to crises, and speed up our nation’s recovery, by pitching in to help and take care of ourselves and others. This route encourages you to reflect on the role and importance of practising Civil Defence to ensure that we are always prepared, together as a nation. 

Everyone has a part to play to put Civil Defence in action, to build a prepared society with vigilant people who are ready to deal with emergencies, crises and challenges. 

(Tampines) Explore SG Map-01

SAFRA Tampines - Civil Defence  (1000px)
SAFRA Toa Payoh | Digital Defence

Route: SAFRA Toa Payoh > Lor 6 Toa Payoh > Toa Payoh Town Park > Lor 1 Toa Payoh > Toa Payoh Rise > Caldecott > Olive Rd > Andrew Rd > Thomson Rd > PIE > Lor 6 Toa Payoh > SAFRA Toa Payoh 

This route shows the progress of Singapore’s media industry. Familiar to most, Andrew Road formerly housed the Caldecott Broadcast Centre by our national media network, Mediacorp. It served as the hub for broadcast for over six decades before the network moved to Mediapolis at the One-North business district. While the digital revolution presents opportunities for Singapore’s growth, it also brings about new threats from the cyber domain such as disinformation campaigns and fake news. We can stem the flow of fake news by checking the source and before sharing it.

Everyone has a part to play to put Digital Defence in action! Let’s become a nation that is digitally savvy and responsible.

(Toa Payoh) Explore SG Map-01 (edit)
SAFRA Toa Payoh - Digital Defence  (1000px)

SAFRA Yishun | Social Defence

Route : SAFRA Yishun -> Dong Shan Temple -> Sree Maha Mariamman Temple -> Sembawang Christian Grace Church -> Masjid Darul Makmur -> SAFRA Yishun

In a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural society like Singapore, peace and progress is only possible if Singaporeans live harmoniously together and look out for one another beyond self-interest. Our nation’s evolution over the years has resulted in growing diversity which could give rise to potential difficulties in maintaining unity and trust amongst the different groups in society. This route takes you to the many religious institutions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. It is an apt reminder of the diversity we have in Singapore, and the importance of ensuring racial and religious harmony. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. Building our Social Defence ensures that we are strong and united especially in the face of national challenges, allowing us to recover quickly and emerge stronger.

Everyone has a part to play to put Social Defence in action! Together we can build a cohesive and caring society, with people who embrace diversity and live in harmony with each other!

(Yishun) Explore SG Map-01
SAFRA Yishun - Social Defence  (1000px)

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Individual Registration Participants can register for up to 6 Total Defence Pillars. If participants are registering for 5 pillars or less, they will be able to select the individual pillars they wish to register for and receive the respective unique medals upon successful completion of each challenge.
Families For Life Registration Paticipants will automatically register for 6 Total Defence Pillars.
  • The main registrant can add up to 5 family members to participate together with him/her at only $5 per family member as part of the family registration. 
  • Each registered family member will receive one (1) event tee
  •  Each registered family will only receive one (1) medal for each completed Total Defence pillar. Only the main registrant's participation in the Virtual Challenge via the D3VR mobile app will be used to verify the completion of each Total Defence Pillar.
  • Each registered family will also receive one (1) set of gifts including a Waterproof bag and water tumbler. 


Registration Fees

Registration Fees
* Fees indicated are for the main registrant. Additional family members can be registered at $5 per family member.

Participants’ Entitlements

Besides an event tee, participants can look forward to receiving a unique medal for every Total Defence pillar which they sign up for and complete. The medals from each Total Defence pillar can also be joined together to form a complete set. 

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