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Exclusively for our SAFRA members, each member may bring up to 2 guests for the live screening sessions!

 Group Stage   Date   Time   Line-up 
 21 Nov 2022   12.00am   Qatar vs. Ecuador 
 9.00pm   England vs. Iran
 22 Nov 2022   12.00am  Senegal vs. Netherlands 
 3.00am   USA vs. Wales
 6.00pm  Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia 
 9.00pm  Denmark vs. Tunisia
 23 Nov 2022   12.00am  Mexico vs. Poland
 3.00am  France vs. Australia
 6.00pm  Morocco vs. Croatia
 9.00pm  Germany vs. Japan
 24 Nov 2022  12.00am  Spain vs. Costa Rica
 3.00am  Belgium vs. Canada
 6.00pm  Switzerland vs. Cameroon
 9.00pm  Uruguay vs. South Korea
 25 Nov 2022  12.00am  Portugal vs. Ghana
 3.00am  Brazil vs. Serbia
 6.00pm  Wales vs. Iran
 9.00pm  Qatar vs. Senegal
 26 Nov 2022  12.00am  Netherlands vs. Ecuador
 3.00am  England vs. USA
 6.00pm  Tunisia vs. Australia
 9.00pm  Poland vs. Saudi Arabia
 27 Nov 2022  12.00am  France vs. Denmark
 3.00am  Argentina vs. Mexico
 6.00pm  Japan vs. Costa Rica
 9.00pm  Belgium vs. Morocco
 28 Nov 2022  12.00am  Croatia vs. Canada
 3.00am  Spain vs. Germany
 6.00pm  Cameroon vs. Serbia
 9.00pm  South Korea vs. Ghana
 29 Nov 2022  12.00am  Brazil vs. Switzerland
 3.00am  Portugal vs. Uruguay
 11.00pm  Netherlands vs. Qatar
 30 Nov 2022  3.00am   Wales vs. England
 11.00pm  Tunisia vs. France
 1 Dec 2022  3.00am  Poland vs. Argentina 
 11.00pm  Croatia vs. Belgium
 2 Dec 2022  3.00am  Japan vs. Spain
 11.00pm  South Korea vs. Portugal
 3 Dec 2022  3.00am  Cameron vs. Brazil
 Round of 16  3 Dec 2022  11.00pm   TBD
 4 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 5 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 6 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 7 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 Quarter-finals  9 Dec 2022  11.00pm  TBD
 10 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 11 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 Semi-finals  14 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 15 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 3rd place play-off  17 Dec 2022  11.00pm  TBD
 Final  18 Dec 2022  11.00pm  TBD


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 Event Date   18 Dec 2022 
 Event Time  2pm to 6pm
 Event Venue   SAFRA Jurong - Futsal Court 
 Registration Period   11 Nov to 11 Dec 2022
 Registration Fee
 (per team, price bef. GST) 
 SAFRA Member - $50 
 Guest - $60
 Participant Age  6 to 14 years old

It’s time to test your soccer skills! Compete in a round robin style of football competition against kids your age!

Register now via SAFRA Mobile app or by clicking the button below:



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 Event Date  18 Dec 2022
 Event Time  3pm to 5pm
 Event Venue   SAFRA Jurong - Atrium 
 Participant Age   Below 15 years old 

Learn basic football skills with our experienced coach from Singapore Soccer Academy! No registration required, just head down to our SAFRA Jurong Atrium to participate.




 Event Date  18 Dec 2022
 Event Time  6pm to 10pm
 Event Venue   SAFRA Jurong - Atrium 

Enjoy a free game of Football E-Sports with your family and friends!

For any enquiries on SAFRA Jurong's Football Bonanza 2022 activities, please e-mail to Zheng Wei at