SAFRA Mount Faber



Exclusively for our SAFRA members, each member may bring up to 2 guests for the live screening sessions!

 Round of 16  Date  Time  Line-up
 3 Dec 2022  11.00pm  TBD
 4 Dec 2022
 3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 5 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 6 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 11.00pm  TBD
 7 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 Quarter-finals  9 Dec 2022  11.00pm  TBD
 10 Dec 2022   3.00am   TBD
 10 Dec 2022   11.00pm   TBD
 11 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 Semi-finals  14 Dec 2022  3.00am  TBD
 15 Dec 2022  3.00am   TBD
 Third place play-off  17 Dec 2022   11.00pm   TBD
 Final  18 Dec 2022  11.00pm   TBD

For any enquiries on SAFRA Mount Faber's Football Bonanza 2022 activities, please contact Dareh at


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 Date   9 Dec - 18 Dec 2022 (Quarter-finals to Final) 
 Guessing Time  Before the match begins
 Venue  SAFRA Mt Faber - Atrium
 Result announcement   After 18 Dec 2022

During Quarter-finals to Final matches, take up the challenge and guess the score for the day before the match begins! Stand a chance to be the top 10 participants to receive a SAFRA Mt Faber Goodie bag (worth up to $10).

For enquiries on "GUESS THE SCORE", you may contact Benjamin at


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 Date  18 Dec 2022
 Venue  SAFRA Mt Faber - Atrium
 Registration Fee   No pre-registration required 

Complete a series of fun activities on the Final day at SAFRA Mt Faber's Atrium and Entertainment Wing to collect the stamps and redeem a prize! Line-up of activities include Face Painting, Foosball Machine, Giant Eraser Fight and Photo Booth.

To redeem the gift, present completed stamp card to the friendly staff at Front Desk counter and receive a complimentary wrist tag for Drinks & Snacks booth. SAFRA members may also redeem a SAFRA Mt Faber welfare bag, limited to first 100 SAFRA members only.

For enquiries on Stamp & Redeem, you may contact Dareh at



 Date  18 Dec 2022
 Venue   SAFRA Mt Faber - Atrium 

Participants who have successfully completed Stamp & Redeem and have obtained a wrist-tag will be given free-flow drinks and food for the rest of the night, until Match Kick-off!

For enquiries on Drinks & Snack Booth, you may contact Hwee Peng at

TURNADOT Bundle Deal: Beer Bucket and Snack for $58.20 (UP : $66.90)

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Choose Any Beer Bucket (5 Bottles) and Any One Snack for $58.20 (UP : $66.90):

  • Rosemary Garlic Fries
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Fried Chicken Wings (4pcs)

Enjoy BBQ Sticks at These Promotional Prices: 

BBQ Sticks
Mid Wings Kebab
Mutton Kebab
Sotong Kebab
Sausage Kebab
Prawn Kebab
Long Beans Kebab
Lotus Root Kebab
BBQ White Belly Fish
Beef Kebab
Pork Kebab
Potato Sliced Kebab

Visit for more information.