Textures 2021

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The Arts House presents the fourth edition of Textures, an annual literary festival that celebrates Singapore literature (Sing Lit) and its diverse community. Textures will take on the form of a mobile truck installation and travelling library this year.
The Bottled City installation will begin at The Arts House and travel to SAFRA Jurong (30 Mar – 4 Apr), SAFRA Yishun (6 Apr  11 Apr) and SAFRA Toa Payoh (13 Apr – 18 Apr). Our ways of living and movements may have been restricted recently into smaller spaces but The Bottled City suggests there are still opportunities nonetheless for curiosity, introspection, exploration and adventure.

Visitors are invited to discover and learn more about the scenes and landscapes that populate our Singapore Literatures through books, miniatures, papercut sculptures, terrariums and cross stitch.

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Paper Cutout by Ashley Yeo

Discover Alternate Worlds
Keep a look out for beautiful and intricately designed papercut sculptures by artist Ashley Yeo, and discover the book plates inserted in the books. 

Do also take part in a unique online interactive story in a special commission by graphic novelist and artist, Troy Chin.

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Deer Head by Jason Wee & Paper Carpenter

Nature-Inspired Creations
In the truck, you will find three distinct terrarium scenes depicting the personal journeys of protagonists, which is inspired by two graphic novels and a poetry collection. The terrariums are created by Mossaique, who sees a common thread of loss and afterlife of loss in all three books. 

Spot cardboard trophy creations such as a horse head and deer head, created by Jason Wee and Paper Carpenter, which were inspired by Suffian Hakim's novel Harris bin Potter and the Stoned Philosopher

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Cake Shop Miniature by Kin’s Miniatures

Food for Thought
Admire a miniature cake shop, designed by Kin's Miniatures, which was inspired by Yeoh Jo-Ann's Impractical Uses of Cake. You can also spot mini collectibles such as kopi-o cups, ang ku kueh and chendol! 

Move on to more thought-provoking issues like sustainability, which is highlighted through Justin Noah Chua's 3D-printed objects as well as the fold-your-own-paper-crab origami activity. 

30 Mar – 4 Apr: SAFRA Jurong (333 Boon Lay Way) 
6 Apr – 11 Apr: SAFRA Yishun (60 Yishun Avenue 4) 
13 Apr – 18 Apr: SAFRA Toa Payoh (293 Lor 6 Toa Payoh) 
Mon: Closed
Tues – Sat: 10.30am – 9.30pm
Sun: 12pm – 8pm

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NOTE: Safe distancing measures apply to all installations. Visitors are to abide by the Safe Management Measures protocols in place.