Toa Payoh’s Odyssey: Uniting Through Recycling

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[MAD] Collective presents Toa Payoh’s Odyssey: Uniting Through Recycling.

In line with the theme of STRENGTH, Toa Payoh’s Odyssey: Uniting Through Recycling is introducing a 3-part recycling journey that is intended as a combination of family-friendly activities that would connect different age groups in exploring art-making together. The Map and The Workshop is an accumulation of eco-friendly resolutions and decorated bottles by the community that will be showcased at SAFRA Toa Payoh from January to February 2022.

The Workshop is a family-friendly activity where all ages are welcomed to decorate as many plastic bottles with the theme Uniting Through Recycling. Residents are encouraged to recycle their own 1.5l bottles and illustrate the strength on how we come together as a community to save the environment. With all the bottles coming together to form a dome structure, one could only imagine how colourful it will be reflecting the sunlight once it is assembled in SAFRA Toa Payoh’s Fish Tank on the 21st of January 2022! 

Residents are encouraged to submit an eco-friendly pledge to reduce single-use plastics usage. These post-it notes will be pasted onto The Map which is a blueprint of Toa Payoh. This map will serve as a symbol of strength that merges our collective efforts and is necessary in uniting the community to address the important issue of the environmental crisis that the world is facing.

Who is [MAD] Collective?

[MAD] Collective consists of three multidisciplinary artists: Mithra (b.1994), Amirah (b.1995) and Danial (b.1994) who are Lasalle College of the Arts graduates that have taken part in various group exhibitions and have received various awards.
[MAD] Collective is a group that stands to intersect different disciplines such as printmaking, new age media, kinetic sculptures and others. The group's goal is to create a space that allows artists and the public to come together to discuss social issues, and exchange different ideas and experiences through their art making journey. They aim to instill different and newer ways of artmaking, and to continue making arts in the community accessible to various demographics. As young community art practitioners, [MAD] Collective believes in using art as a tool to uplift the everyday journey one step at a time.

As part of the Arts@SAFRA Community Arts Residency with SAFRA Toa Payoh and the National Arts Council, [MAD] collaborates with residents of Toa Payoh to encourage the different layers of the community to embark on a possible long term upcycling journey via workshops and art installations.

How to get involved?

[MAD] Collective will be hosting Toa Payoh's Odyssey: The Workshop during the month of Dec 2021.

Your products will be part of a final installation - The Showcase
Workshops are FREE of charge! More details can be found here.

Free & Easy
[MAD] Collective will be hosting The Map during the months of Dec and Jan 2021.

You may pop by SAFRA Toa Payoh, Level 1 Heritage Wall (across the Security Counter) to submit your pledges! Alternatively, you can drop them here

What YOU need to do?

Follow [MAD] Collective on Instagram and stay tuned to SAFRA Toa Payoh's Facebook for exciting updates!

For any enquiries, please email Amanda at