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Model Math

About Us

Model Math is a collaboration between SAFRA and Matrix Math.

The Model Math Building Blocks Structure is a programme designed through 12 years of teaching experience, which has been tested and proven to deliver. 

Suitable for students ages 4 to 16.

Model Math programme will help students to gain mathematical confidence by introducing math concepts through a systematic method and ensuring students have mastered their math concepts before moving on to the next one. The programme focuses on reasoning skills instead of arithmetic skills and solving complex maths by breaking them onto simpler building blocks.

MM_The Building Block Approach


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Complimentary Parent Workshop & 20% Discount on Programmes

Visit us at our booth at SAFRA Toa Payoh to learn more about our programme and course fees! Register for a complimentary Parent Workshop today! 20% Discount of programmes when you sign up before 11 Dec!

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Holiday Preparatory Classes

Specially designed to impart key heuristic skills in problem solving that students should master by the end of the year before transiting to a new level next year and to get a glimpse of what our regular courses are like!

Pre-School Math Programme 300x210

Nursery 2 - Kindergarten 2

  • Presenting Math to children through words over numerical statements
  • Relating to maths using examples from the daily lives of each child.
  • Developing deep reasoning skills.
  • Conveying number statements using “real-life” math examples.
  • Fun Math activities.



Primary 1 to Primary 6

  • Capturing and developing the child’s interest for the subject.
  • Learning through systematic and visually captivating experiences.
  • Introduce the “Building Block Approach”
  • Navigating complex problem sums.
  • Minimise mistakes.


Secondary School Math

Secondary 1 to Secondary 4

  • Deconstructing concepts and topics into small, “easy to digest” parts.
  • Re-emphasizing and re-enforcing key concepts and challenging topics.

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