5 Safety Tips While Working Out at Home

By: Yi Ping, Fitness Trainer EnergyOne, Mount Faber

You may have to stay at home for now, but you shouldn’t let yourself get lazy! Just because gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout, one can exercise safely and effectively at home too! Here are some tips.

Ensure there’s adequate space

Conceptualise in mind the work-outs you want to do, and gauge if there is enough space at home. A recommended gauge of space would be to lie down vertically and horizontally on the floor with your arms stretched out, space is considered adequate if you did not meet any obstruction. If light jumping is involved (skipping, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.), ensure you are not able to touch the ceiling with an arm raised overhead while tiptoeing. Explosive plyometrics like box jumps or star jumps are best done in an area where the ceiling is at least 1.5x your body-height.


Hydrate Well before any workout

Hydrate before, during and after any type of workout to minimise cramps and fatigue. If the exercise is high in intensity or you have a high sweat rate, you may want to consider sports drinks that are high in electrolytes to support recovery. Be careful about those which contain a high sugar level (4 grams or more per 100ml). Caffeinated energy drinks are not recommended in general as they can lead to dehydration.


It’s important to warm up

Ensure proper warm up is done, it can help to minimise injury to a great extent. A warm up can consist of many movements that are specific to your workout. As a general guideline, it’s important to get your heart rate up to around 60% of your training heart rate zone and your muscles warm, before you move on to your main workout. Essentially, this is to prepare your body for what’s to come, so you can avoid possible injuries.


The need to find perfect form

Focus on perfecting your form as this is how you will improve and avoid injury. One of the best ways to perfect your form is to find exemplary videos of the particular exercise and perform it correctly. This will make it easier to emulate, and it will result in an improved workout. Make it a priority in getting the form right over increasing exercise intensity.


Good hygiene plays a part

Amidst the current COVID-19 situation, good hygiene practices are paramount while working out at home. Germs can easily spread through sweat and saliva droplets which are quite common from an individual working out. The last thing you want is to infect anyone at home as a result of poor cleaning habits after a workout. This is why you need to have a disinfectant spray bottle handy along with a towel or sanitizing wipes to wipe down the workout area and equipment used. Remember to wash your hands with soap afterwards. All these hygiene measures will go a long way in getting rid of harmful viruses to anyone.