Stay motivated and be on the right track to keeping fit

By: Raymond Sim, Fitness Trainer EnergyOne, Toa Payoh

The way to staying motivated varies from people to people, but here are some general tips!

Start with simple goals, make it fun. Keep it interesting. Be flexible and if you are busy, take a day off or two, and continue thereafter. Remember, being on a fitness journey is not about achieving the end-goal, but about how you get there, staying right on course helps!


Sleep well, live well and exercise well

Be sure to get around 8 hrs of sleep a day. Your body only regenerates and recovers while you are getting enough sleep, this helps you garner enough energy for a new day of working out.


Move it, everyday

Exercising daily can help keep your body at a healthy weight & lower the risk of some diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure. It also helps a person age well. For general fitness, it is recommended that one stays active for at least half an hour a day.


Keep yourself hydrated

Drink enough water - most adults need at least 8 glasses of water per day to replace normal water loss. One needs to drink up even more when exercising, in order to make up for the loss of fluid.


Wear it right so you can work it right

Use the right footwear - make sure the footwear is suitable for your workouts. Everything that causes pain to the ankle, knee and hip could be due to improper footwear.


Warm-up is a MUST

Without proper warm-up for your body, it may cause joint and muscle injury during your workout. Warm-up also prepares the body for the workouts and increases fitness efficiency.