Denker Sports World Shooting


Experience the thrill of shooting an air weapon! This competitive sport requires focus and composure to test your accuracy and precision.

Whether it's your first time or you are already a sharp shooter, the perfect shot starts from getting the basics right. Join us!
Corporate bookings are available for larger groups.

Operating Hours:

Wed - Fri, 1pm - 6pm

Sat - Sun, 12pm - 8pm

Closed on Mon & Tue

Weekdays are strictly by appointment basis.


Adults (18 yrs and above): 
SAFRA Members: $30
HOME TEAM NS Members: $40
Public (Singaporeans/PR): $50
Foreigners: $60

Juniors (17 yrs and below):
SAFRA Members: $30
Public (Singaporeans/PR): $40

Mandatory Air Weapons Safety and Proficiency Course:

Adults (1.5 hr session): $40

Juniors (1.5 hr sessions x 2):
10-17 yrs old: $130
8-9 yrs old: $120 (Laser Shooting)