Bring cheer and joy to the lives of the less privileged together with us at SAFRA Community Services Club! Through monthly volunteer activities such as festive celebrations, excursions and even fishing trips and scenic bumboat rides, take this chance to touch the lives of our senior citizens, underprivileged children and the physically disabled, and have some fun yourself too!

Some of our beneficiaries include the Family Services Centre, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, Handicaps Welfare Association, Pertapis Children’s Home, Care Corner Services Centre and the Spastics Children’s Association.


  • Enjoy the privilege of giving back to the society through monthly volunteer activities
  • Participate in meaningful family-friendly activities with your loved ones
  • Take this chance to groom your own personal development; exercise compassion and nurture your leadership and teamwork skills through volunteer activities


If you’re keen to give back to the community at large, start with us at SAFRACS by contacting us at tpclub@safra.sg.

Registration is free and open to non-SAFRA members too! All members will receive regular activity updates on a monthly basis and a SAFRA Community Service Club polo tee after participating in three activities.

[NOTE: All community service activities have been suspended till further notice.]


Terms and conditions apply