Multi purpose Outdoor Court



Futsal courts at SAFRA clubs will adhere to mandatory enhanced safe distancing measures and group size restrictions.

  • The maximum number of players allowed per booking is eight.
  • Access to the futsal/multi-purpose courts is strictly for players only. No unauthorised private coaching is allowed.
  • No competitions are allowed. Facilities are meant only for recreational play or training.
  • Members who have made bookings must be present and produce a valid membership card/e-card for verification purposes.
  • Members must complete a mandatory Declaration Form. Members and guests included must fully comply with all guidelines.
  • Coloured wrist tags will be issued upon completion of the Declaration Form. Wrist tags are non-transferable and must be worn by all players at all times during the session.
  • Mixing and mingling of players between groups/courts are strictly not allowed.
  • Masks must be worn at all times, except while playing within the courts.
  • Personal equipment should not be shared. Practise good personal hygiene.
  • Players are encouraged to bring a towel to dry themselves after the game, without accessing the changing rooms.
  • Players should exit the court promptly after their session. The next group of players will only be granted access once the court has been vacated. No loitering or waiting is allowed.

SAFRA reserves the right to turn away users who do not comply with the guidelines. Any user who breaches the guidelines shall be liable to disciplinary action and will be referred to the authorities. 

Need a venue for basketball, netball, captain's ball or futsal? Our outdoor court suits multiple purposes and can even be used to hold events such as corporate activities and social gatherings.

Multi-purpose Outdoor Court @ Mount Faber 

Operating Hours

Daily, 7am to 1am


Sports booking

Operating Hours SAFRA Members Non-Members
Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm $5.35 / hr Open only to
SAFRA Members
Mon - Fri 6pm - 1am $7.45 / hr
Sat/ Sun/ PH 7am - 1am

Multi-purpose Court @ SAFRA Yishun

Looking for a court to play your friendly 4-a-side game of futsal? Look no further as our multi-purpose court is an excellent venue for soccer fanatics. Conveniently located in the heartland of Yishun, meet your neighbourhood "kakis" for a quick game of footy!


 Non-Peak Peak
SAFRA Members $7.45 / hr $15.00 / hr
Guests $9.00 / hr $18.00 / hr