Teru Omakase Restaurant


Renowned Culinary Maestro Elevates Dining Experience: Introducing Master Omakase Chef Roy Chee

In a culinary landscape where precision and artistry converge, Master Omakase Chef Roy Chee stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, innovation and gastronomic artistry.

With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Chef Roy’s name is synonymous with a bespoke omakase experience that transcends cultural confines, delivering a universal language of taste that speaks to the soul. Chef Roy's early exposure to the intricate world of Japanese cuisine at the age of 14 ignited his passion for culinary exploration. His apprenticeship under revered Chef Nogawa laid the foundation for his extraordinary abilities to seamlessly blend heritage with modernity, crafting dishes that captivate the senses. Under Chef Nogawa’s stewardship, Chef Roy honed his skills and rose through the ranks. His culinary journey reached a crescendo when he left Singapore to work in Switzerland in the 1990s. Chef Roy was headhunted by renowned international hotels in Geneva and Zurich who were seeking to elevate their dining experiences to new heights. Helming these prestigious Swiss hotels as Executive Chef, Roy continued to garner international recognition for curating personalized menus that surprised and delighted the most discerning palates. His culinary prowess has graced the tables of dignitaries, celebrities, and gourmands from around the world, earning him a place among the culinary elite. Drawing inspiration from his extensive travels and cross-cultural exploration, Chef Roy took on consultancy work to set up new restaurants in Guangzhou, China before returning to Singapore in Year 2015. Chef Roy continued his trailblazing career in Singapore and successfully managed Standing Sushi Bar, and later, Chotomate and The Raw Nama. These dining establishments became havens for gastronomes, a testament to Chef Roy’s unwavering commitment to curating one-of-a-kind tasting journey.

Starting 1 September 2023, Chef Roy has embarked on a new culinary adventure. He is poised and ready to ascend to the next pinnacle of his career with the launch of TERU (照) Omakase Restaurant at 29 Carpenter Street, Level 2. With TERU, Chef Roy’s commitment to quality, exquisite flavors, responsible sourcing and exceptional service remains as strong as ever.

Lunch Omakase starting from $98++ and Dinner Omakase starting from $238++. Set menus are available too.