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The Singapore Armed Forces Veterans’ League (SAFVL) was established on 4 Aug 1990, with the objectives of forging links between the active service personnel and ex-regulars of the SAF, fostering and maintaining the spirit of camaraderie among ex-service personnel thus instiling a sense of identity among ex-regular personnel.

Being the official ex-service body that represents ex–regular personnel in the military and state functions, and in the international arena, SAFVL strengthen community support for and commitment to national defence by effectively engaging the broader community on National Defence and National Education matters, foster a sense of belonging and loyalty to the SAF and the nation, serves as a resource pool for Commitment to Defence (C2D) Ambassadors to inspire and build commitment to national defence and also as a resource pool to assist MINDEF in documenting MINDEF’s and SAF's history.


All ex-regulars in the SAF who are forty years of age and above and have served in MINDEF or the SAF for at least six continuous years shall be eligible for membership.

All members of the League shall be Associate Members of SAFRA. Membership is voluntary and upon approval by SAFVL and SAFRA Management Committees.

Applications can be made by completing the SAFVL prescribed application form.