The Singapore Armed Forces Veterans’ League (SAFVL) was established on 4 Aug 1990 to forge links between active service personnel and ex-regulars of the SAF, and to foster camaraderie among ex-service personnel. It is a membership organisation that represents ex–regular personnel in Singapore and at regional and international veterans.

A key objective of SAFVL is to strengthen support for national defence by actively engaging the broader community on National Education and Total Defence.

This is done through the SAFVL’s participation in various commemorative events that remember tragic periods of Singapore’s past such as the Japanese Occupation in the 1940s, and the loss of lives at the bombing of MacDonald House in March 1965 during konfrontasi.

The lessons from such dark periods of our history are told by specially appointed veterans as Commitment to Defence Ambassadors (C2DAs) who share their personal stories and life experiences with various target audiences including servicemen and students.


All ex-regulars in the SAF who are 40 years of age and above and have served in MINDEF or the SAF for at least six continuous years, are eligible for SAFVL membership.

SAFVL is a branch of SAFRA and all SAFVL members are also Associate Members of SAFRA. Membership is voluntary and all applications are subject to approval by the SAFVL and SAFRA management committees.

Applications to join SAFVL can be made by completing the SAFVL membership application form.

For more information, contact the SAFVL Secretariat at this email address safvl@safra.sg or call 6355 4523 / 6355 4509.