What is the SAFRA e-card

The SAFRA e-card is part of SAFRA’s drive to leverage technology to provide greater convenience and interactivity for members.

SAFRA Members

For SAFRA principal (Ordinary/Associate) and dependant members, including SAFRA DBS cardholders, the SAFRA e-card is an electronic version of the SAFRA membership card housed in the mSAFRA mobile app.

It will enable members to access facilities at SAFRA clubs and enjoy membership privileges at partnering merchants islandwide with a simple flash or scan, among other functionalities. It will also reflect their membership status, where applicable, for EnergyOne Gym, KidzAmaze Indoor Playground and all other SAFRA interest Groups/Micro Clubs.


For principal members with child dependant members, it will also show the option to toggle between your child dependant(s)’ e-card.

Dependant e-CardDBS Cardholder with linked SilverDBS Cardholder with linked

Spouse dependant member(s) will have their own SAFRA e-card and also be able to toggle between the child dependant(s)’ e-card.

Non-SAFRA Members

Members of EnergyOne Gym, KidzAmaze Indoor Playground and SAFRA Interest Groups/Micro Clubs but are non-SAFRA members will also be able to view their respective membership(s).

Guest Pass

Example of a non-SAFRA member who is a Adventure Club and Shooting club member.


Guests who download the mSAFRA app and log in with their mySAFRA account will see a guest pass with a QR code only.


Example of a non-SAFRA member


How do I get my SAFRA e-card?

The SAFRA e-card is available to all members, both principal (Ordinary/Associate) and dependant, via the mSAFRA app. For existing mSAFRA app users, simply update your mSAFRA app. For new users, simply download the mSAFRA app from either the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices). For more information, visit www.safra.sg/msafra.

Is the SAFRA e-card currently available on mSAFRA mobile app?

Yes, please download the latest mSAFRA mobile app if you have not done so. For members with the existing mSAFRA mobile app, you can simply update your existing app.

Can I continue to use the SAFRA e-card from the e-card trial?

The SAFRA e-card released for the e-card trial from 13 May to 23 Jun 2019 is for trial purposes only. As the trial has ended, the trial version of the app is no longer supported. All members who took part in the trial should download the latest mSAFRA mobile app from either the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) for their SAFRA e-card.


When and where can the SAFRA e-card be used?

The SAFRA e-card provides SAFRA members with greater convenience and interactivity in enjoying its lifestyle offerings without the need to carry around a physical card. Members can now access SAFRA facilities, benefits, activities and services at their fingertips:

Swimming Pools

Scan at gantries to gain access

Scan at swimming pool self-help kiosks for instant login as a SAFRA member for subsequent purchase of guest passes

EnergyOne gyms (For gym members and access pass purchases)

Scan to check in and check out

Membership status displayed during check-in

No need for staff to retain member’s physical card

Self-help kiosks

Located at customer service counters (within SAFRA club lobbies and security counters) and swimming pools

Scan at kiosks for instant log in as a SAFRA member for subsequent information navigation and transactions

Scan at swimming pool self-help kiosks for instant login as a SAFRA member for subsequent purchase of guest passes

Games room

Scan to gain access if SAFRA member has made a prior booking

Merchant outlets within SAFRA clubs

Scan to earn and redeem SAFRAPOINTS instantly under the SAFRAPOINTS Rewards Programme (SRP). List of SRP participating merchants can be found at www.safra.sg/safrapoints-partners.

Participating Merchant outlets islandwide

Flash e-card to enjoy SAFRA Member’s perks and privileges at partnering merchant outlets. Visit www.safra.sg/Promotions for full listing of merchants.