Terms and Conditions

  • Creating a mySAFRA account is required to register for any of the SAFRA Competitive Sports Clubs. The Terms of Use for the mySAFRA Account can be found on
  • Membership to any of the SAFRA Competitive Sports Clubs is based on selection. Members who do not fulfil the requirements might be asked to join the Social Sports Clubs instead.
  • Issuance of any jersey(s) and/or equipment(s) is by sole discretion of SAFRA. Member(s) would need to fulfil certain criteria in order to be eligible for such items, if any.
  • By submitting the registration for any SAFRA Competitive Sports Club, registrants declare that all particulars given are true and correct AND agree to abide by all rules and regulations of SAFRA & Terms & Conditions of the interest group.
  • All registered participants undergo the activity at your own risk, and there by release SAFRA, its staff and contractors from all liabilities, which may arise during the duration of the activity.
  • Photographs, videos and other recordings (“Media”) will be taken by [SAFRA/The Organisers] at any SAFRA Competitive Sports Clubs events. By attending this event, whether as a participant, staff or volunteer, you consent to and grant [SAFRA/The Organisers] the right to use such Media for internal records purposes, publicity purposes, commercial advertising and distribution to its sponsors and partners. Please note that non-official photographers might also operate at this event. SAFRA has no control over and is not responsible in any way for any Media produced by non-official photographers.
  • SAFRA shall be the sole interpreter of the Terms & Conditions laid and reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
  • Members shall abide by the SAFRA Constitution and By-Laws of SAFRA as shall be amended form time to time. SAFRA reserves the right to amend the By-Laws or any Terms and Conditions implemented in accordance with the By-Laws, without prior notice and Members shall be deemed to have notice and shall abide with such amendments accordingly.