Sports Shooting (Firearms)


Did you know that Shooting was one of the nine events at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896?

SAFRA Shooting club offers action pistol, shotgun and small-bore shooting. These courses and leisure shooting are conducted at National Shooting Centre (NSC) by certified coaches to introduce the sport to beginners. 

To register your interest or require more information, please fill up the form here! Our respective captains will contact you. 

Please note that without a captain's recommendation, we are unable to process your application. Please do not apply for Class Licence without our captain's recommendation.


  • Class License: $80/year
  • Proficiency Course*: $203.80 (3 sessions)

* - For first timers

Terms & Conditions

  • Members' are required to apply for a Class Licence (CL) with SPF, Police Licencing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) in order to use Club-owned guns. (Prior to the application, fill up the form with the link above and our captains will be in contact with you).
  • Required to have a valid shooting club membership throughout your licence validity.
  • Required to pass an accreditation test in order to proceed with shooting activities independent of a coach.