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Arnis is a martial art originating from the Philippines; known for the use of sticks and other common daily utilities to train for different close quarter combat scenarios.

The late Bruce Lee's foremost JKD protégé Dan Inosanto was also a FMA expert. He taught it to Bruce Lee who exhibited it in his movies “Enter the Dragon” and “Game of Death”.

It's a complete fighting art that comprises armed or unarmed combat, stand up or ground fighting, four modes of combat (strikes, kicks, joint locks and throws).

Event Details

Venue: SAFRA Punggol, GetFit Studio, Level 3
Day & Time: Every Sat, 2pm – 7pm
2pm to 3pm (additional): Beginner/Trial
3pm to 4pm: Beginner
4pm to 5pm: Intermediate
5pm to 6pm: Advanced
Fees: $76.30 per month (SAFRA Member) | $87.20 per month (Guest) 

Suitable for participants age 13 years old and above.
*Fees are inclusive of GST


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Li at or Desmond Tong at